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Tool holder,Gun handle,G10 machining parts

Tool holder,Gun handle,G10 machining parts

Product Details

 Material: G10 composite fiberglass

Color: orange / black, orange / white, black / white, green / black, brown / black, blue / black
Temperature: -50 ° C ~ 150 ° C

 Product Details

G-10 plate Chinese is called epoxy resin laminated alkali-free glass fiber board. It is a thin plate with a thickness of about 0.18mm which is made of epoxy resin filled into glass fiber cloth and is pressed by high temperature of 200 ° C or higher. The initial G-10 board is used to produce insulation boards for the electronics industry, and is gradually applied to sports equipment, mechanical materials, and even aerospace equipment.
The tool handle made by G-10 board has the following characteristics:
>G-10 board fiber is woven with "E" shape with abnormally high strength and wear resistance, will not burst or deform;
>G-10 is made of high temperature and has the characteristics of insulation, fireproof and moisture proof. The material composition will not change at temperatures between -50 °C and 150 °C.
>G-10 board can be pressed with any color thin plate to form a color plate. Customers can change the visual effect of the handle according to their preferences, and the fiber itself has looming dark lines and color effect;
>The flat handle product can suppress different surface patterns and fine lines, both beautiful and non-slip;
>G-10 has a density of about 2000kg/m3, which is lighter than steel and heavier than logs. The handle has a superior texture.
G10 multi-layer color board: orange / black, orange / white, black / white, green / black, brown / black, blue / black

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