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 The dimensional accuracy of the molded magnetic wedge and the pull-out type magnetic wedge depends on the accuracy of the mold and the reworkability is poor. Compared with the above magnetic wedge, the laminated magnetic wedge has good comprehensive performance, such as high production efficiency, low cost, high mechanical strength, moderate magnetic performance and good machining performance. Most foreign manufacturers produce laminated magnetic wedges.

The magnetic fiberglass sheet is made of fiberglass cloth, heat resistant resin, magnetic conducting metal material and additive.

There are many out-dated concentrating flux sheet with bad mechanical strength and low magnetic permeability. ZT ELEC adopt a new type permeability magnetic material to create new strength magnetic conductivity sheet, high mechanical strength, good magnetic property and excellent machining performance.

The strength magnetic conducting sheet are equipped with good mechanical, dielectric and heat resistance that suitable for large and medium size high voltage motors to rise the motor efficiency about 1% and control temperature rising.

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