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Product Details

 1. looks beautiful, smooth and no pit on surface

 2. Good heat and moisture resistance, good electrical performance with dry and wet condition. Low water absorption is not easy to deformation.

3. High mechanical properties and good machinability.


 Anti-static fiberglass sheet is equipped with good anti-static effect that divided into single anti-static, double anti-static and whole anti-static.

The single anti-static fiberglass sheet: one side is anti-static in black, the other side is green insulation with high temperature resistance.

The double anti-static fiberglass sheet: the interior material is aqua fiber glass sheet. The surface is black with anti-static.

The whole anti-static fiberglass sheet: the anti-static value is the same anywhere.

Anti-static resistance value: 108-109Ω

The proportion: 1.9-2.0

Temperature index:  heat resistance 180 degree, flame retarding(94-V0).

The specification: 3-25mm*1020*1220 mm(thickness can be customized)

Color: black green aqua

USES: precision test board, electrical equipment insulation partition, insulation pad, transformer insulation board, electrical insulation parts, computer drilling pad mold fixture (PCB test stand).

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