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Anti-static fiberglass board

Anti-static fiberglass board

Anti-static fiberglass board has excellent anti-static effect, which is divided into single-sided anti-static, double-sided anti-static, and overall anti-static.

Product Details

 Anti-static fiberglass sheet is equipped with good anti-static effect that divided into single anti-static, double anti-static and whole anti-static.

The single anti-static fiberglass sheet: one side is anti-static in black, the other side is green insulation with high temperature resistance.

The double anti-static fiberglass sheet: the interior material is aqua fiber glass sheet. The surface is black with anti-static.

The whole anti-static fiberglass sheet: the anti-static value is the same anywhere.

Anti-static resistance value: 108-109Ω

The proportion: 1.9-2.0

Temperature index:  heat resistance 180 degree, flame retarding(94-V0).

The specification: 3-25mm*1020*1220 mm(thickness can be customized)

Color: black green aqua

USES: precision test board, electrical equipment insulation partition, insulation pad, transformer insulation board, electrical insulation parts, computer drilling pad mold fixture (PCB test stand).

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