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Modified diphenyl ether glass cloth laminate board

Modified diphenyl ether glass cloth laminate board

Modification of traditional diphenyl ether resin to reduce the absorption rate of the finished product

Product Details

 Material: modified dipheny ether sheet

Color: dark brown

Temperature index: class H  180 degree  short heat resistance of 200 degree

 Flame retardant grade: 94-V0

 Machining manners: according to plan processing

Insulation treatment:impregnated with insulation varnish of class F or class H

dry treatment to form coating protection

Thickness: 0.51, 1.52,  2.5 3,  5,  6,  8,  10thickness can be customized

Application area: use for ultrahigh pressure and high temperature operation equipment which act as insulation, inflaming retarding and support item.

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