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GP0-3 insulation board

GP0-3 insulation board

GP0-3 is made of alkali free glass fiber felt sheet immersed with unsaturated polyester resin add additive by hot press to form into hard sheet insulation.

Product Details

Application of GPO-3 insulation board:

The GPO-3 board is widely used for electrical insulating applications. GPO-3 is also used for mechanical applications where strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, and relatively low cost are required.

Application area: circuit breaker, motors and so on.

The application of circuit breaker: frame circuit breaker: safety baffle, safety cover, spacer gasket, interphase partition, etc.

The application of molded case circuit breaker: interphase partition, arc extinguishing chamber spacer plate, etc.

The application of motors: Motor armature parts, movable cover plate, slot wedge stator, fixed gasket, thin gasket, carbon brush seat, etc.

Product features of GPO-3 board:

Temperature index: class F 150 degree. Short heat resistance of 180 degree

Flame retardant grade:94-V0

Leakage resistance index is up to 600V

Machining manners: according to plan processing

Insulation treatment:impregnated with insulation varnish of class F or class H.

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