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ZTELEC is a top brand group company strongly supported by our own R&D team

The production proceess of all ZT Group's product can be tracked back. Meet the ISO9001  and UL European standards, all products fully meet the IEC standards,  most of the products through the Reach test.
Material subsidiary copmany XuJue Electrical Co., Ltd have set up the industry's most comprehensive labaratary center,  including labaratary experiments, chemical laboratories, mechanical  performance laboratories, electrical performance laboratories and  component analysis laboratories.

Relying on the  advantages of the company's industrial chain, material companies and  electrical companies R & D highly integrated, fully share the  product system using the characteristics and failure data historical  analysis, for research and development and improvement to provide data  base.
With the  industry's most complete product system, from the basic materials such  as resin research and development to finished products and finishing,  the full implementation of the whole process of quality control TQM.
The company is  deeply involved in the supply chain improvement program of Schneider,  which fully complies with and enters the SIM management system,  continuously improving the production process and production efficiency  according to the Schneider standard, and providing higher quality and  more competitive products.
Enameled wire  company "Diamond" brand world-renowned, is the top supplier of China's aerospace, military,  white goods and other industries.

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